A Little About Me.

At my core, I am an artist. So when I deliver photo or video products, I want clients to view them as works of art. Lighting, composition, colors, mood—these are all elements I consider before taking a frame or pressing record. I am also my own toughest critic and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my craft. But what does all of that mean for you? If you came to my website, you’re probably in need of family photos, model portfolio images or maybe even a business promotional video … and you’re simply comparing me to the MANY photographers in the Middle Georgia area. Well, although I can’t vouch for anyone else’s technical abilities, creativity and work ethic, what I can say about myself is: I will do all I can to provide you the best product possible. So let’s make some works of art!

How it all started

My journey began in elementary school when I first fell in love with drawing. I continued growing as a fine artist and adopted the art of photography after joining the U.S. Air Force in 2005 as a photojournalist. Over the years, I honed my skills as a military storyteller and used what I learned in the service as a foundation that developed into a deeper understanding and appreciation for still and motion photography.

My artwork

Since picking up a camera, I’ve, unfortunately, slowed down on my drawings and paintings. But from time to time, I find enough inspiration to work on a new piece. For the most part, I’ve migrated solely to digital art. Drawing on a tablet is far more convenient than bringing out all the pencils, brushes, paint and other materials. Most of the pieces displayed in my Artwork section were created digitally … can you tell which ones?